Nick Ehrenberg

An accomplished and talented professional with over forty years of experience as a market analyst providing analysis for hedge funds and high net worth traders in the Grains, Bonds, Equity Indexes and Stocks.

Ehrenberg specializes in delivering real-time market analysis to traders via desk top and mobile devices. A Subject Matter Expert (SME) in W.D.Gann and Fibonacci,  with a focus in analyzing and forecasting future market movements with consistent results. He has established discretionary trading strategies across futures markets with short to medium term hold times, while constantly researching and developing new trading strategies to evolve with changing market conditions.

To learn more about Ehrenberg Analytics, contact Nick Ehrenberg at (773) 531-1315 or via email at [email protected]

ONE44 Analytics

The ONE44 Static sup/res. levels are derived from a compilation of ONE44 proprietary tools and W.D. Gann's law of vibration. These levels will not change in a given day and could be the same for weeks. The market movement is what will change these levels. The long term static levels can even last for years.

It is in these quotes that you can see what W.D. Gann believed...

"By knowing the exact vibration of each individual stock I am able to determine at what point each will receive support and what point the greatest resistance is to be met."Vibration is fundamental; nothing is exempt from this law; it is universal, therefore applicable to every class of phenomena on the globe. The issue with finding the exact vibration is, to quote W.D. Gann again, the market is "Wheels Within Wheels", or Cycles, To be even more accurate, it is cycles that take place within larger cycles in the market.Knowing this then we have to not only know the short term vibration, but the long term ones as well.

Our mission is to stay on top of these ever changing vibrations in the markets.The ONE44 Dynamic sup/res levels are formulated from 1x1 Gann angles, Moving averages, Swing Points and most importantly Fibonacci retracements, it is ONE44's belief that they are the "Underlying Structure of all Markets". Taking into consideration the above mentioned tools we produce the ONE44 swing point for the day, with this we give the upside and downside targets for when it holds and when it fails. Between the two types, we look to bring the best sup/res.

The longer term levels for the Static and Dynamic sup/res will be updated in a weekly outlook.

This is an introduction to the ONE44 platform and how to use it.

There are 3 main pages to follow, 1) ONE44 Trading ideas, 2) ONE44 Long Term View and 3) ONE44 Static sup/res Charts.

  1. With the "ONE44 Trading Ideas" the levels are a combination of Fibonacci retracements, Gann squares and ONE44 proprietary tools.. At the start of each day we will put out a " Dynamic swing point" that will be adjusted throughout the day based on market movement. This level will set the tone for the day, with that you will be given what to look for above and below it. All of these levels can be bought, or sold against.
    We recommend these stops for each market,
    S&P's 8 ticks and in active markets 12
    Crude Oil 15 ticks
    Gold 15 ticks
    Bonds 4 ticks and in active markets 6
    Beans 12 ticks
    Once on the platform you will see that our levels and targets are well spaced out and that we are not looking for quick scalps, but to catch more of the flow of the market. With that we do recommend getting out of a third of your position on a move that is 33% of our target and another third at 66% and with the final exit at our target/next entry.
  2. The "ONE44 Long Term View" also uses Fibonacci retracements, Gann squares, and ONE44 proprietary tools, but also adds Moving averages and Gann Timing. Here we are setting up the major Dynamic Swing Points and the targets are much bigger than the "ONE44 Trading Ideas". The stops are usually done on a closing basis, with more than 1 close below/above a critical levels and when a major level is taken out to confirm that a new trend is starting/ending we want to see it be decisive, by this we mean that the second close is further than the first in the new direction. Knowing where the long term targets/swing point are can also help in which side you want to be more aggressive in the Daily Trading Ideas.
  3. ONE44 Static sup/res Charts are best used when the market really doesn't have a firm direction, they then tend to vibrate between these zones. These levels can be used as targets for a current move and also as support and then resistance when taken out and vice versa. They will also help with where to take profits on the Daily Trading Ideas from the Dynamic swing points.

Dynamic swing point (DSP)

The dynamic swing point is the most important point for the day.It is the level that sets the direction for the day and the change in trend when taken out.There will also be a DSP for the bigger moves in the "ONE44 Long Term Views".With the DSP there will be targets above and below it to look for when it holds and when it gets taken out.The DSP can be used as support and then resistance when taken out and the reverse, if it was resistance to start.The Dynamic Swing Point will be the only support or resistance that should be used this way, unless otherwise noted.