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They continue to trade around the long term swing point of 11,800, the last few days it has closed above this level and as long as this continues look for the long term target of 16,300. A normal break on a failure to stay above this level is to look for 38.2% of the current move up at 9300. Any break below 11,800 that can only get down to 23.6% at 10,500 keeps the market very strong, this is also a major Gann square. As you can see on the attached chart, all the setbacks have come right back into key retracements, telling us the trend is going to continue higher.

bitcoin Daily

ONE44 static support and resistance

You can use the ONE44 static support and resistance lines marked on the next chart by yellow horizontal lines. They can be used both as support and then resistance, as well as the reverse and also as target levels.

Bitcoin Gann squares

Key levels 8/23/2020

The DSP (dynamic swing point) for the overnight and into tomorrow is 11,800, above it they go for 12,250, below it look for 11,090