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Bitcoin Ethereum & Fibonacci

This is an update on Crypto's using Fibonacci only


The current rally remains above the long term swing point of 42,800 and as long as that continues, look for 51,200 this is 61.8% back to the ATH. This run up has its own levels to watch for, the first is 23.6% at 43,600 and then 38.2% at 40,700. A break that went below the long term swing point, but held 40,700 would still be okay for the current up trend.


Ethereum is just shy of 61.8% back to the ATH, this is 3350.00. With it being 61.8%, a break from here could take it 61.8% back down. We will watch all the retracements on any break and the key to this rally is that they hold 38.2% at 2700.00. Only being able to set back 23.6% at 2950.00 keeps the trend extremely positive. If 3350.00 produces no turn lower, look for 3810.00 this is 78.6% to the ATH.


You can now find our "Law of Vibration" and Fibonacci charts on our website under "CRYPTOCURRENCIES" at the top of the page for FREE.

These will be updated each morning for Bitcoin and Ethereum along with our DSP (dynamic swing point) for the day and targets from it. It will also be updated whenever they hit one of the targets.

Please take a look and pass it on!