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Bitcoin/Ethereum Long term swing point update

With today's new low the long term levels above have changed, although the 61.8% upside targets in both are still the same.

Bitcoin's long term swing point is now 42.700, this 38.2% back to the ATH, 23.6% back to the same high, is  37,450, this is also 61.8% back to the last month's range.In the shorter term 38.2% of the previous month's range is 34,000,  and the 200 day average is 34,900, provided they can close above these levels in the next couple days  the bottom should be in for now. Failing to get above them should send them to new lows.

Ethereum's long term swing point is now 2710.00, this 38.2% back to the ATH and 23.6% is at 2329.00. Shorter term 38.2% of the last month's range is 2160.00, any rally that fails to get above this level should send it back for new lows.