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Both of these markets got up to and through the long term targets.

he target for Bitcoin was the area of 11,600 and 11,700. The first one was a major Gann square and the second was 78.6% back to the 6/26/2019 high. They did trade through this area, but never closed above it. Use 11,700 as the long term swing point now, with a couple solid closes above it the first target is 13,500 and long term target is 16,350. As long as they remain below the long term swing point, look for 38.2% of the move up at 9000, if all they can break is back to 23.6% at 10,150 the market is very strong and look for new highs to follow.
The Euro also hit the long term target of 1.1830, this was a major Gann square and 61.8% back to the 2018 high. It did have one close above this level, but we always want to see the second close above to confirm a violation of the level. With only one close above it 1.1830 now becomes the long term swing point. The first target on a break from here is 38.2% back at 1.1440. The long term target is1.1130 based on the 61.8% rule. If all they can break is 23.6% back at 1.1625, it is a very positive sign especially after hitting such a big level above.

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