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Corn/Wheat update

Corn/Wheat update
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From last Thursday,

Yesterday's high was 683.50 splitting these two levels, with the first level being 61.8% we will be looking for 61.8% the other way longer term at 653.75, short term look for 38.2% at 665.00. The second level is a major Gann square and the target on a setback from here would be the previous major Gann square at 649.50.

From last Friday,

Use 685.00 as the swing point for the week.
Below it, the longer term target is the area of 61.8% at 653.50, based on the ONE44 61.8% rule and 649.50 when using the major Gann squares. The short term target is 38.2% at 665.50, holding this would be a very strong sign and the trend should continue on to new highs for the move.

Friday's high hit the 685.00 major Gann square and the two day break took it right to 61.8% at 653.50 to complete the 61.8% to 61.8% move following the ONE44 61.8% rule.


From last Friday,

Use 795.50 as the swing point for the week.
Below it, look for 78.6% of the recent rally at 736.25, this is also a major Gann square.

Monday's high was 794.50 and so far there has been a 50 cent break in two day's.

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