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Key levels for Soybeans and Corn

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This is an update to the post on June 6th.


The key level that Soybeans have to contend with is 1636.00, this is 78.6% of the 1677.25 high and 1489.25 low. This is where a lot of bull runs end. The high on the 7th got close at 1623.50 and a 70 cent break followed. On any surprises to the upside continue to look at 1636.00. On the downside look for the 1512.00 major Gann square and then 23.6% at 1467.50.


The Corn also has a 78.6% retracement to deal with, it is 709.00. The high on June 7th came within 3 cents of it. It remains the key level to watch for today, if the can get a solid close above it look for the long term target of 840.00. A failure from 709.00 can send it all the way back to our long term swing point of 575.00, this is 38.2% back to the 2020 low.

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