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Key levels for the close in Soybeans and Corn

Key levels for the close in Soybeans and Corn
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From last week,

From last week we also mentioned that a trade below 1384.00 that held the 1368.00 major Gann square and closing back above it, should cause a quick rally.
Friday's rally looks to be the start of it. The target will be 78.6% the other way based on the ONE44 78.6% rule and this is 1462.00. There is also a major Gann square right there at 1464.00.

Looks like the last 3 trading days qualify as a "quick rally"!


From last week,

Thursday's low was 659.00, holding the tightest support and keeping the short term trend extremely positive and we should be looking for new highs.

Monday's rally took it to new highs.

Now we can go over targets for these rallies and what they need to close above today.

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