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Live and Feeder Cattle Special Update 2/7/24

Live and Feeder Cattle Special Update 2/7/24
Photo by Etienne Girardet / Unsplash

Live Cattle and Feeder Cattle have hit the 61.8% target. In Cattle it is 186.70 (186.57 high) and in Feeders it was 247.40.

This move all started back in December when the nearby contracts held a major Gann square and a 78.6% level at 162.00 in Cattle and for the Feeders it was,From last week,

The sharp rally after holding 38.2% on the nearby chart back in December shows no sign of stopping and has now closed above the 241.18 major Gann square.
Above it, continue to look for 61.8% at 247.40. Provided the market stopped at this level, we would be looking for a 61.8% move back down based on the ONE44 61.8% rule, this level is yet to be determined.

Now that this has happened we will be looking at the ONE44 61.8% rule for targets below...

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