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Musk Cuban Dogecoin

Since Elon Musk and Mark Cuban put Dogecoin in the news, I am updating the other 3 crypto's.


Back in June when Bitcoin was just above 61.8% of the ATH and the 2018 low and Ethereum hit it, Dogecoin, Ripple and Litecoin were hitting 78.6% of the same move. Their rallies have not been as strong.


The rally from 0.15 (78.6%) has so far taken it to 23.6% back to the ATH, this is 0.30. This is the short term swing point, above it, look for the long term swing point at 0.38, this 38.2% to the ATH. On a break from 0.30 look for 0.19.


Litecoin looks about the same as Dogecoin, it held 78.6% (108.00) and the current rally has just hit 23.6% to the ATH, this is 178.25 and you can use it as the short term swing point. Above it they go for the long term swing point of 38.2% at 223.00. On a break from 178.25 look for 125.00.


RIPPLE is the strongest of the three after holding 78.6% back in June. It has taken out the long term swing point of 1.08, this is 38.2% to the ATH. Above it look for 61.8% at 1.42. Using the current rally, 38.2% back is 1.03, so watch the area of 1.08 to 1.03 to keep the current trend positive.