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Latest Fibonacci Video featuring Soybeans

Latest Fibonacci Video featuring Soybeans
Photo by Mitul Grover / Unsplash

This video is to show you how the Fibonacci retracements play out on the smallest scale. We are using a 5 minute and 1 minute chart so you can see how the same rules and guidelines that we use on the Weekly and Daily charts apply the exact same way.

To truly be a useful Technical Analysis tool it should work in ALL markets and on all scales. As we always say, "We believe the Fibonacci retracements are the underlying structure of ALL markets" and with the ONE44 rules and guidelines we hope to give you better understanding of what should happen when retracements hold and when they don't.

We do not want to confuse you, please remember this is in the smallest scale and nothing as of yet has changed the long term outlook. It is more about seeing just what is happening on all levels and that there can be moves within moves as nothing goes in a straight line for long.

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