The S&P has now traded well above the 3266.00 major Gann square, but closed right at it. This is now the long term swing point. With a solid close below it look for the 3166.00 major Gann square, this is also 23.6% of the August low, however they did get close to this level with the Wednesday low, so it is very possible a break from here goes 2 major Gann squares back at 3066.00, also in this area is 23.6% (3060.00) back to the Dec. 2018 low. A solid close above 3266.00 keeps this market extremely positive and the next target is the 3377.00 major Gann square. This also, keeps the long term target of 3474.00/3492.00 possible, with the major Gann timing coming on the Jan. 21st, if more time is needed there is secondary Gann timing on the 25th and 30th.