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S&P Futures


The S&P continues to trade around the 3914.00 major Gann square and swing point, above it, look for the major Gann squares at 4030.00, 4146.00, 4266.00 and then the new long term target of 4386.00.

The break so far below 3914.00 has only been able to go to 3887.00 this is 23.6 to the 2/1/21 low and if this is all they can break it is very positive and you should look for new highs. Below it we will use the low on 9/24/20 to retrace back to. The first support will be 3781.00, this is 23.6% and then 3669.00, this is 38.2%.

Provided this turns into a bigger break, we will retrace back to the 3/23/20 low and the first major support is 3542.00, this is 23.6%. The long term swing point has moved up to 3280.00, this 38.2% back to the 3/23/20 low and a major Gann square.