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S&P Update


ESU20 Secondary Gann squares

The S&P continues to grind higher towards the long term target and cluster of Gann squares up at 3466.00 to 3488.00. Before this is the major Gann square at 3370.00, once they can close above this level it will become the new swing point, until then use the 3266.00 major Gann square as the swing point. With a close back below 3266.00 look for the area of 3066.00, this is a major Gann square, 23.6% back to the 3/23/20 low and the 200 day moving average. There is some major Gann timing coming on the 20th, if this coincides with the 3466.00 to 3488.00 area look for a decent break from there, as much as 38.2% of the whole move up.