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S&P update

S&P hits 3077.00 major Gann square

With the S&P hitting the 3370.00 major Gann square it now becomes the long term swing point, the first place to look for support on a break from here using the Gann squares would be the 3266.00 Gann square. The best way to test the strength or weakness of the market is using the retracements and if the break from here can only get to 38.2% (3314.00) of the last leg, using the 3212.75 low, then the market remains very strong, just as it did on this Sunday's opening when it went to 3303.00 (38.2%). Those are the two levels to watch for as long as they stay below 3370.00. The only thing that would be of concern on a break from here, is if they can take out 23.6% (3234.00) of the 8/6/2019 low. With a solid close above 3370.00 look for the long term target of 3474.00/3492.00.

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