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Follow up on Bitcoin video


When we left off on the video that was put out on Saturday, they had just hit 61.8% at 35800. On the chart I put the two levels to watch for on a move from there. Being that it was 61.8% the first target was 61.8% the other way based on the ONE44 61.8% rule. It came within $100 of this target after a $2000 move. The break from there took it down to the second level mentioned at 34800 (3), this was 78.6% and it completed the target from when they hit 78.6% (2) on June 3rd, based on the ONE44 78.5% rule. Using that same rule, we are now looking for 78.6% (B) the other way, this is 38500. As always we watch all the retracements regardless of the target to see just how weak, or strong the market is and right now they are at 38.2% (A) of the current break. Provided this is all they can do, look for new lows for the move and then to the long term update for targets.