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Weekly Grain update 3/27/22

Weekly Grain update 3/27/22


Soybeans, Soybean Oil and Soybean Meal all remain in a very positive position. The Beans and Meal have hit long term targets, however they have done nothing wrong on the minor setbacks that they have had, based on the Fibonacci retracements.  Soybean Oil has yet to hit the long term target and is in a sideways trade above the 72.28 major Gann square. Corn is in the same position as Oil, it has yet to hit the long term target and is trading side ways above the 734.00 major Gann square. Wheat has now hit the long term swing point twice and both times has been stopped by the 38.2% level going back to the contract high. The new crop in each market is stronger than the old crop as the setbacks are less and the rallies as a percentage are bigger.

We will be putting out a video next week. In it we will go over the ONE44 Fibonacci rules and guidelines that will have Educational and Actionable information. This will be exclusive to our Premium Members before being put out to the public at a later date. Our aim is to get a couple out each month.

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