ONE44 static support and resistance for each

Bitcoin, the upside target remains the same at 11,035 based on the 61.8% rule and the 1/13/2020 post on it. The area to watch for key support is the 200 day average at 9065 and 38.2% (8960) of the rally from the 12/18/2019 low. The long term swing point for now is 8960, as long as they remain above it look for the long term target of 11,035 and with a solid close below it they should go back to test the 7200 area.

Bitcoin Daily

The ONE44 static sup/res for Bitcoin is below

The ONE44 static sup/res for the Japanese Yen J6H20 is below

J6H20 Hourly

The ONE44 static sup/res for the EURO E6H20 is below