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Soybeans hit a key level

Soybeans hit a key level

Soybean Oil


The Chart below has natural support and resistance levels that are based on W.D.Gann's "Law of Vibration".

Mr Gann viewed stocks as live electrons, atoms, and molecules which hold persistently to their own individuality in response to the fundamental Law of Vibration. Science teaches 'that an original impulse of any kind finally resolves itself into periodic or rhythmical motion, also just as the pendulum returns again in its swing, just as the moon returns in its orbit, just as the advancing year ever brings the rise or spring, so do the properties of the elements periodically recur as the weight of the atoms rises'.

Each level can be used as support and then resistance once taken out and the reverse when starting as resistance. These levels will be good until the end of each contract.



After hitting our long term target at 1765.00 and breaking $1.80, the current rally just hit 78.6%. If you are following the ONE44 Fibonacci rules, you know what the potential is on a move from here. All of this is explained in our Weekly Grain update.

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