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ZBH20 Outlook

The current rally in ZBH20 is coming from 38.2% (A) back of the 10/19/2018 low and the 8/2/2019 high, this was 155.27. The target from here should be new highs for the move per the 38.2% rule. As you look farther out there is another move playing out and this is the low October 2018 was 78.6% (1) of the January 2014 low and the July of 2016 high. From the 78.6% rule the target is 78.6% (2) back of the move it just came from and this is 168.30, so with this move we are still looking for a new high of the current move. The other things to watch for on a rally from 38.2% (A) is 78.6% of the last break, this is 164.28 and then 78.6% (2) of the bigger move. A break from either of these levels would be one of two things, 1) a failure to make a new high and 2) making only a slightly higher high, both of these things are a negative sign and the target on a break from them would be 61.8% (B) of the same move where 38.2% held.

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